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All designs in the Collections will be customized to fit your event by changing out names and colours. If this is something you are interested in, please contact me with your name, quantities, colours and then we can take it from there. 

However, the other part of what I do is custom-design – meaning I start from scratch and create something just for YOU.

1) We'll start by sitting down and chatting over coffee or tea (or juice if you don't do caffeine. or via the phone/Skype if you don't live in London).  I'll get all of the information I can from you about your project/event. In our initial chat I'll be asking a lot of questions to try and figure out what you're drawn to and what you're looking for. Is there a tiny detail that would be perfect for your invitations or event menus? I'll figure that out then. Or in the next few weeks once we start working together.

2) From there I'll create an estimate based on your requested elements (ie. what kinds of pieces do you need, how many will you want, when will you need it, what kind of printing will we be doing, etc) and if you choose to work with me

3) I will get a timeline together and THEN...

4) I'll start designing something unique just for you!

Once you receive the designs from me via email (or if you are in London, it would be great to meet face-to-face – I love seeing people's initial reactions to their designs and it also helps when I go back to make revisions), we will set up a phone or in person chat to go over any edits you would like to see. Did you love the type styling from one version but desire the color combination from another? Now's the time to tell me. We will go back and forth a few times most likely until we get your designs to the exact way you want it – this is a partnership and we will work together.