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The Affair with Wedding Fairs

The first wedding fair I ever attended was not as a bride. It was when I was 4 years married! It was the  at the  in Shoreditch last January and I was invited from the very lovely and very sweet Claire from . I had recently moved to London and as a wedding invitation and stationery designer, was trying to meet other wedding vendors and this seemed like a great place to start.First off, the Truman Brewery is a great open space for events like this (I have now been there for the  in February as well as the  last month). Second, I was able to meet some really kind and wonderfully talented vendors such as , ,, and more.This fair kind of lit a fire under me to actually showcase at a wedding fair myself as an exhibitor. And so I signed up to show at the Chosen Wedding Fair in March at the Islington Assembly Hall. That was booked a long time ago and I knew I wanted to do another fair before then but didn’t know which. As opposed to the US, the UK seems to have an abundance of wedding fairs of all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the super talented Kelly of Lola Rose Photography who with Claire of Claire McIntyre Photography are the duo behind the Vintage Wedding Society who was hosting their very first wedding fair. I instantly liked the look they were going for, was intrigued by the venue and just felt instantly at ease with Kelly and decided to go for it.Stay tuned for the next blog post where I share what it’s like exhibiting at a wedding fair for the first time. Dos, donts, planning, experience, and everything in between.

It's official...I'm blogging!

Hello hello! Welcome all of you fine folks (or really just my Mom and my husband) to the new Jennifer’s Paper blog. Here I’ll be sharing a bit about me, my stationery and branding business, life as an American in London, design finds, inspiring ideas, wedding stationery tips for brides & grooms, and anything else that strikes my fancy that day.The plan now is to blog on Fridays because honestly, I don’t think I can promise anymore than that at this moment but who knows? Maybe I’ll surprise us both and before you know it you’ll be reading new content here twice a week.As in any good new relationship, let me give you a few facts about myself that you might not know so that you’re semi-aware of whose writings you’ll be reading:I’m an American expat living in London with my husband and toddler son and when we stepped off the plane to officially live here it was the FIRST time I had ever even to the UK.There might be a little bit of OCD in me (but aren’t all graphic designers a bit OCD?) which shows it’s true colours in my sketchbook. The only colour ink allowed in there is black. Ever.Popcorn and I have a very close relationship (hence why it made it into the photograph above…in the middle to the right). I used to have this old-school air popper in the States which often sparked when you unplugged it (safety hazard perhaps?). Here in London I have not bought one but do partake in and  quite often.I have great aspirations of gardening and keeping houseplants (but think I was given my mother’s not-very-green thumb). At the moment I have two tiny succulents on my desk that I’m trying not to kill.I’ve run two marathons and numerous half-marathons. Sadly with life’s schedule these days, I’m lucky if I can get out two mornings a week to take a 4-miler.Before moving here I lived in New York City (more specifically, in Brooklyn) for almost 12 years. The fascinating fact about this is that up until just after college graduation, I said I would NEVER EVER live in New York City. Which is why I try to not make “I’ll never…” statements anymore. Thanks for coming along for the blogging ride! xoxoJen